SopPlus Streamer Manual

Version 0.3.2

1. Introduction

A well-known main feature of is anyone can broadcast his or own channel without much effort. SopPlus Streamer is developed for this intention. Once one starts a channel with SopPlus Streamer, he creates an original stream seed that starts to construct the whole p2p distribution network.

2. How it works

The SopPlus Streamer is just a seed of a channel. It feeds a couple of viewers, these first level viewers share their data and feed other viewers. All the viewers construct a mesh network, each viewer has a couple of neighbors who established a direct connection with it and shares data with its neighbors.

3. Start a channel

3.1 Channel Name

Channel Name: the name of the channel, describe the content of the channel.

3.2 Channel Source

Channel Source: the stream source for the broadcated channel.

For better compatibility and viewing experience, SopPlus Streamer supports the following media types and transfer protocols.

Protocol Container Video codec Audio codec

Valid source examples:

3.3 Access Code

Access Code: When a channel started with an Access Code, other viewers must input this code to start the channel. That means the channel is not public to everyone, it is a private channel. You can share this code with your friends or customers by ways you prefered.

3.4 Start the channel

Click the START button to start the channel.

4. Channel Status

4.1 Buffer Map

Buffer Map shows the current channel's cache status. Each piece represents one second of data. Where gray indicates no data, green indicates having data, and yellow indicates that the data is a keyframe. In order to give users a good viewing experience, the video source should have a keyframe every 2 to 5 seconds. Too few key frames will make the channel stalling, stop and so on.

Buffer Map Example Status How to improve
Too few keyframes Configure your encoder to make more keyframes
No keyframes Configure your encoder to make more keyframes
Keyframes not stable Check the network of channel source
No data Check the network or encoder of the channel source

4.2 Buffer of Source

Buffer of Source shows the quality of fetching channel source, it usually is 100.

4.3 Buffer of Clinets

Buffer of Clinets shows the quality of all clients viewing the channel. It should bigger than 80. The viewing experience is not good if this number less than 80.

4.4 Download Rate

Download Rate shows download rate of fetching channel source.

4.5 Upload Rate

Upload Rate shows upload rate of sending data to other viewers.

4.5 Service Port

Service Port shows the port to transfer data to other viewers. If you broadcast a channel in a private network, it is important to allow other users to access the port. While SopPlus uses technology as much as possible to allow other users to access this port, it can not be done on some routers. You can do port mapping on the router so that other users have better connectivity.

4.6 Current Viewers

Current Viewers shows how many viewers are watching your channel now.